About Us

StyleHub was founded by proven entrepreneurs from eCommerce, fashion, marketing and operations industries to create a truly unique service



The founders of StyleHub have been working on projects that included building up digital and media / entertainment startups to globally acknowledged brands and also various projects for leading multinational companies and local market specific organizations.

The visionaries of StyleHub are looking at industries with an innovative mindset, constantly looking for ways how to revolutionise them. The result for the fashion- lifestyle- and design industries is StyleHub, a system build from the ground up to change and optimize how a cutting edge fashion and lifestyle experience should be maintained online.

StyleHub give brands a powerful turn-key solution to scale their business via multiple distribution platforms. It is easy, automated and gives a competitive edge over established brands. Just a click and your products will be distributed via new retail and wholesale channels, the Internet, mobile phones, mobile tablets, social networks, social media and television in 15+ different languages worldwide.

Today the team of StyleHub is a group of passionate and talented individuals. Our sole target is to build the future of the fashion-, luxury- and design industries and to fulfill our mission in helping our partners to become globally acknowledged and more successful.




We are a diverse group of talented people building together the future. Every new member of our team is a new building block in our innovative and hard-working environment. At our company we push the limits to revolutionize and change industries.

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