Case Studies



By being one of the market leader on its own market Adamo believes that the brand has reached the maximum market potential locally. By switching from their own platform to StyleHub's next stage is to conquer the global marketplace. StyleHub not only helps by running the full service eCommerce solution for the brand, but also contributes with the planning and management of the International marketing campaigns.

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FROM OWN PLATFORM TO FULL-SERVICE STLYEHUB in order to get truly international

Multi-currency, multi-regional pricing, shipping matrix with multiple carriers, multiple International payment options, multi-lingual platform, automated processes, re-marketing integration and tracking, Facebook-marketing integration and tracking, custom product builder, integrated and managed multi-lingual customer service, just to name a few what makes Adamo eligible to attack the International market. All these features and services became available for the brand overnight just by switching to StlyeHub from their own platform.



As part of StyleHub’s all-in-one service, our team has helped Adamo to establish the worldwide strategy, the International pricing, the design and functionality of the new webshop. We have also incorporated into our platform a new shipping carrier specially optimized for this brand. Our main target was setting the milestones for the international online expansion of an already significant local brand. 


The old Adamo website needed a recharge to be eligible for entering the International market. StyleHub has streamlined the website structure, the ordering and checkout process, the navigation and product presentation and contributed also to the multi-lingual website creation.