Case Studies

You start working with it and you are amazed how StyleHub has paid attention to everything you might need. It’s a clever and sophisticated system.
— AERON / Nora Sasvari, Customer Relations


Being in the middle of a full-on website renewal ÁERON's management have considered many different eCommerce solutions from custom development to a shelf-product software to serve their website. Upon considering the pros and cons of all these options they have decided to proceed with the solution what was offered by StyleHub.



At step 1 we have incorporated an eCommerce platform into the original website of ÁERON. After receiving a rough design for the webshop, StyleHub has helped to make it more sophisticated and production ready.

At step 2 ÁERON has decided to completely switch to StyleHub, so we have build a new c-eommerce website for them from scratch.



As part of StyleHub’s all in one service, our team has helped to establish worldwide pricing, to design the webshop and functionality, and to create a pleasant and user friendly shopping experience. Our main target was setting the milestones for the international online expansion of an already significant Hungarian fashion brand. 


ÁERON has a very sophisticated look and feel, so it was important for the website to match the brand image completely. Based on the design from ÁERON, StyleHub has built a completely custom template for the brand.