Case Studies

The service of Stylehub is a great help for our company. Since we use them our logistics back-office flow has become much faster. There is a solution for everything built into the system - due to the many automated processes, our job has reduced only for packaging. :) Everything is fast, easy, understandable and logical. Thank You!
— NON+ / Sarolta Kiss, Designer and CEO


Running an eCommerce operation can be hard or easy, depending on the infrastructure what is used. NON+ had to learn it unfortunately on the hard way. The brand has invested a lot of money, time and effort to develop and manage their own platform. Once the platform was developed, the maintenance became a nightmare for them; constant down times, bugs, extra financing of future development and maintenance were only a fragment of the problems that they had to bear. They were familiar with the StyleHub platform but took them time to make the decision of a switch. After self-evaluation of their situation, they decided to stop wasting, time and effort on something that is not core business for them and outsourced complete eCommerce based on the StyleHub platform. Every since they operate more cost-efficiently and without headaches.

äeron-screenshot copy.jpg


The StyleHub platform was a bit of fresh air for the team of NON+. Switching from a frustrating eCommerce operation that came by having and running their own platform it became joyous to use an all-in-one turn-key solution. The StyleHub team assisted and consulted throughout the switch, made the change an easy and pleasurable experience.



As part of StyleHub’s all-in-one manged service our clients always get the best and latest features that are released to the platform. That let's our users to always be on the competitive side of the online business. Even though that the StlyeHub platform comes loaded with the most useful and handy features, if somebody needs something extra, then our team is willing to custom develop it. This was the case with NON+, certain requests got custom developed on top of the core StyleHub engine. 


NON+ website had a very characteristic look and feel, so it was important for the brand to maintain their current functionalities and look and fell while the platform was changed to StyleHub. To save time and money StlyeHub craeted a semi-customized addition to the SuperTemplate system. This resulted in a website that was almost identical to the prior one, but in function more advanced - thank to the StyleHub platform.