Case Studies

We’ve been using Stylehub for nearly a year now, and we’re very satisfied with the service. Previously we used another webshop service provider, which was more cumbersome, more difficult and slower to use. We love that with StyleHub processing and fulfilling an order takes only a few minutes. It’s a transparent and easy-to-use platform, and on rare occasions if we get stuck, their support is always there to help.
— YKRA / Balazs Lakatos, owner


The guys at YKRA are ture online entrepreneurs. They have built their brand with Internet and social networks in mind. When they have approached StyleHub they already had a website. It was based on a very popular 3rd party eCommerce engine. YKRA as a business was growing steadily and the Internet sales had a steady uptrend as well. It was only one problem; the fact that they have hated their website. They have approached StyleHub with the request to provide them with an easy-to-use, customer friendly new website engine that will help them to continue their growth. 

äeron-screenshot copy.jpg


YKRA has chosen to launch their new website by using StlyeHub's built-in SuperTemplate system. The StyleHub platform enabled them to switch from their existing 3rd party webshop engine to StyleHub overnight with only 10-14 days preparation time.



As for YKRA the main reason for switching to StlyeHub was the need to have a user-friendly easy-to-use self-serve eCommerce platform at a cost effective price, this is what we gave them. They set up their store, customized their design, and configured everything just by few easy clicks. Ever since they are on the StyleHub platfrom, they manage everything on their own.  Now every time we meet them in person, they make us shy by constantly praising our eCommerce engine and letting us know how much they love their website.


YKRA has chosen StyleHub's SuperTemplate engine to re-launch their website quickly and on a budget. They used the "Front-Page Scroller" splash page template to set the main look-and-feel of the website and then they added  the subpages quickly by using our drag-and-drop interface. Once the main structure was set, only a few clicks, customization of colors, fonts and various style elements, and voila, the website was ready.