Our Services

StyleHub is a mix of software and services to reach the global market immediately, effectively and without deep technical involvement.


Missing time, budget and expertise to successfully sell online? – StyleHub’s eCommerce platform was built on best practices with deep understanding of fashion- lifestyle- and design brands requirements. Let our experience and expertise work for you from day one.

Mobile first methodology optimized for all platforms

White-label online boutique

Brand identity / look and feel is the heart and soul of your brand. We understand that the brand consistency throughout multiple distribution channels is top priority for fashion and luxury brands. The platform of Stylehub.com is totally customizable and flexible to meet all branding needs.



Using StyleHub’s powerful plug and play system will help to scale your business via multiple distribution platforms. It is easy, automated, and gives you a competitive edge over other brands. Just a click and your products will be sold via the Internet, mobile phones, tablets, social networks and social media.



Managing payments can be a complicated business. Some regions prefer credit cards, some prefer cash on delivery, not to talk about VAT, customs, invoicing and returns. We have simplified this as much as we could: we manage all payments - you just need to issue one invoice each month.


MULTI-Language Support

Stylehub.com helps you to distribute your product line internationally in unlimited number of different languages, according to the local market demand. Our integrated translation interface will help you to customize and localize your product line, your marketing and PR message according to the local audience’s preferences in order to increase traction and maximize your sales potential.



Studies have proved that offering your products priced in a local currently to your customers will increase conversion and sales remarkably. By using our system you decide if you want to manually set each and every product price in any preferred currency for the local markets, or you let StyleHub’s intelligent system to do it automatically.


Least-cost Shipping matrix

Stylehub will ship your products to each and every country worldwide. Based on the origin and destination of the order our sophisticated system will automatically detect and calculate the most cost efficient and quickest shipping solution for the order.


Customer Relationship Management

Selling directly to your customers will not only boost your profitability and revenues but will also let you engage with them better. StyleHub’s customer relationship management (CRM) will let you have a direct and personalized communication with each and every client in order to maximize customer engagement, satisfaction and profitability.


Business Optimization

Increase your margins by enhancing efficiency of operations - with StyleHub you can manage everything in a single, user-friendly interface. Increase even further by using our discounted rates for shipping, payments and others. Sounds good?



Managing orders has never been easier. StyleHub’s platform is connected to all external parties (like payment providers, shipping companies, etc.) and shows all required details in one place. Fulfilling an order? StyleHub handles everything, including the automated ordering of the carrier. Returns work similarly, keeping your customers happy to order again.



Manage and track your inventory efficiently with our platform while keeping a just in time approach. Easily add, remove or retire products from the inventory. Our pre-order / wait list functionality will help you decide the exact amount of orders, reorders. With StyleHub’s inventory management you can consolidate the inventory of your multiple stores (online / offline) in one easy to read management interface.



StyleHub has developed an instant and powerful market screening, market feedback and statistics system. Get real-time overview of your worldwide sales, product trends and consumption. Benefit from the reporting and design new collections with high sell-through rate, optimize global product pricing based on revenue maximization, test new collections before you start mass production, identify existing demand and create products to fulfill them



Most of our clients also sell their products in their beautiful showrooms. With a tablet and StyleHub’s POS (Point-of-Sale) System you can effortlessly manage your physical store orders, stock changes and customer data.



A good customer support needs to be always-on and well prepared to manage issues promptly. With StyleHub you do not need to hire dedicated personnel - our solution includes 1st level email support.



Quick, reliable and redundant hosting solution is essential to a successful online business. Dedicated security personnels and administrators are monitoring and protecting your business while our global CDN serves content from a location closest to your users.



Optimize your sales- and marketing efforts by using StyleHub’s easy to use built-in tools without the need of importing databases from one 3rd party tool to an another.



StyleHub gives you the most powerful marketing and affiliate tools that will help you maximise the efficiency of your promotions. Besides the standard marketing tools, such as banners, coupons, e-mail campaigns, cellphone messaging or abandoned cart recovery, Stylehub.com has developed proprietary tools that will help you to bring in new customers easily.



Same products - different markets - different prices. All this for profit maximization. With our smart pricing module it was never easier to manage your regional prices. Just create a group of countries, set the regional markup and the amount of the rounding and the pricing will be adjusted in the local currency in each and every country.



Attract new and repeat customers in a smart way. Use coupon codes and other promotional tools without hurting your brand. By using StyleHub’s sophisticated promotional tool settings you define who, when and by what conditions can access your special offers.



Ranking high in search engines like Google is not easy in today’s competitive world. StyleHub’s platform was built from ground-up with a deep SEO understanding and effort, bringing you even more customers.



StyleHub’s integrated e-mail and SMS marketing solution helps you to email and message the right people at the right time. Send automated emails and text messages based on customer behavior and preferences.



Don’t lose any abandoned transaction anymore - with StyleHub’s abandoned checkout management you can easily automate the checkout saving process. Set multiple rules and track your results efficiently. Implementing our Automated Abandoned Checkout Management into your eCommerce checkout process will easily increase your sales by double digits.



StyleHub’s integrated remarketing solutions lets you show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile website before. When people leave your website without buying anything emarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, as they use mobile apps, or as they search on Google.